Chef Coats

Chef Coat Standard
This combination of value and quality,is an all-time favorite that looks sharp, works hard. The jacket features handy split-pocket on sleeve. Optional Knot Buttons add a refined and distinctive touch. 65/35 Poly/Cotton White only
Chef Coat Short Sleeve
The perfect combination of value and quality, this favorite looks sharp, works hard and serves up great economy day-after-day. The Short Sleeve design keeps things cool with its added freedom of movement. 65/35 Poly/Cotton
Chef Coat Black
A highly refined look in more substantial Twill Fabric. Its weight always ensures a crisply starched appearance even after long hours. This classic design meets your high standards everyday with additional features that include a sleeve split-pocket for pen & thermometer. 65/35 Poly/Cotton blend with Plastic Buttons
Trimmed Chef Coat
The bold double-breasted look with attractive contrasting trim creates a statement of professional confidence and flair. A handy sleeve pocket and the cool comfort of its Poly/Cotton blend combine to offer a chefs coat that always looks great and works hard. . 7.25 oz. Twill Fabric. Plastic Buttons Available in White with Black, Royal Blue or Check trim with matching buttons.
Chef Coat with Black Corded Trim
A classic Asian-inspired style with a thin black-corded trim that adds a distinctive dash. This first-class chef coat features hand made buttons, a convenient sleeve split-pocket for pen & thermometer plus ventilation eyelets that offer lasting comfort through better air circulation. 65/35 Poly/Cotton blend with hand rolled buttons. White with Black Trim only.